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Yonkers Speeding Ticket Defense Information

Tilem & Associates can represent you on a Yonkers traffic infraction from start to finish. We can enter your not guilty plea, appear at your conference, negotiate your deal or have a trial, secure you time to pay any fines and surcharges (usually two week in Yonkers) and send you a closing letter informing you of the outcome, fine amount (if any) when the fine is due and where to mail it. All this for a flat fee of $195.00 (Offer Expires August 31, 2011 – See Terms).

While we make no guarantees and our past performance does not mean we can obtain a favorable result in your case, the truth is, we have handled hundreds of tickets in Yonkers and we have about a 95% success rate at obtaining reductions or dismissals.

If you have received a speeding ticket in Yonkers, New York, and are considering retaining an attorney, the lawyers at Tilem & Associates will represent you for the low fee of just $195.00. From now until August 31, 2011, the attorneys at Tilem & Associates will represent you on almost any traffic infraction issued in the City of Yonkers for our low, 2011 Summer Special fee of $195.00 (See Terms). This offer applies to all traffic infractions except leaving the scene of an incident and Driving While Ability Impaired [VTL 1192(1)]. Terms apply and you must read them. Feel free to call 1-877-377-8666 for a free consultation.

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