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Some big changes are coming to the Town Court of Greenburgh in 2012 and they should have a huge effect on the way the Court handles everything from Speeding Tickets to DWI’s. Firstly, as a result of their loss in the primary long time Town Judge’s Sandra Forster and Doris Friedman will no longer be Judges in the Town of Greenburgh Court. Two new judges will take their place. In addition, it was announced last month that Regina Hill, the Court Administrator brought in to improve Court operations in Greenburgh would also be stepping down.

Three Judges were sworn in on December 23, 2011 by New York Court of Appeals Associate Judge Theodore Jones. The new Judges as of January 1, 2012 will be Arlene Gordon-Oliver, Walter Rivera and Delores Scott Brathwaite. Judge Arlene Gordon-Oliver is the only returning judge having served in the Town of Greenburgh Court since 2007. In addition, the search continues for a replacement for Regina Hill.

One of the changes that is expected in 2012 will be another night court session in the Town of Greenburgh. One night per week was already added and another one is expected to be added soon.

The Newly elected Judges are widely expected to add a certain level of professionalism to the Court. As was widely reported in the media and on the blogosphere, Judges Forster and Friedman got themselves in a little bit of trouble when it was revealed that a client in the Greenburgh Drug Court had her rights violated. Judge Rivera has an impressive resume that includes impressive academic credentials and extensive work experience in both the private and public sector.

Judge Braithwaite similarly has impressive credentials which includes a job as executive director of the Westchester Human Rights Commission and time on the Town Planning Board.

The Greenburgh Town Court has been plagued by problems over the years that includes in fighting among the Judges, and lack of financial oversight over money collected as far back as 2004. Even after the initial report and changes a Court audit in 2010 found lack of financial oversight over bail money. More recently, 100,000 old tickets were discovered that had not been dealt with potentially costing the Town and the State millions in fine dollars. This most recent discovery is in all likelihood what caused the democratic party to ultimately withdraw support for the incumbent judges.

While big changes are expected in the Greenburgh Court. the changes are supposed to me for the better. The Town prosecutor who handles traffic tickets such as speeding and tailgating in Greenburgh is not expected to change. Nor are the Assistant District Attorney’s who handle the DWI and criminal offenses in Greenburgh likely to change immediately. So the ultimate disposition of cases will likely not change dramatically.

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