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Town of Cortlandt New York – Speeding Ticket Defense Information

Have you been cited for speeding (VTL 1180) or any other traffic infraction in the Town of Cortlandt in Westchester County, New York and are considering retaining an attorney to represent you in court? The lawyers at Tilem & Associates have successfully handled thousands of traffic ticket cases throughout the State of New York – including the Town of Cortlandt Justice Court.

From now until August 31, 2011, Tilem & Associates will cover any traffic infraction except leaving the scene of an incident or Driving While Ability Impaired (VTL 1192(1)) returnable to any local criminal court in Westchester County, Rockland County, Broome County and St. Lawrence County. Tilem & Associates handles traffic infractions throughout the entire State of New York at competitive prices but the 2011 Summer Special $195 price only applies to the aforementioned counties. Terms apply and you should read them.

Tilem & Associates has been one of the leading traffic ticket defense firms for years. Our firm has developed a high volume, low priced statewide traffic ticket defense model that many small-time, solo practitioners try to imitate with copycat websites and similar marketing techniques. However, many of these attorneys simply can’t offer the pricing Tilem & Associates can offer because they don’t do the volume necessary to make money at the low prices Tilem & Associates can offer.

Tilem & Associates offers representation on traffic matters by competent and experienced attorneys. We have been revealing that little secret that traffic ticket defense attorneys who charge high fees hope you never learn – for the most part, the attorney you hire for traffic court makes very little difference. When our competition tells you differently; when our competition claims to have some type of speeding ticket defense team, or other magic strategy which somehow gets them better deals than the next traffic court attorney, ask them just what it is exactly they can do better than Tilem & Associates – or any other traffic defense attorney for that matter. The answer is nothing. So why pay more?

And here’s a little something our competition can wonder about all summer. Wait until our competition learns what we have planned for our 2011 Fall Pricing Special. Did someone say $99.00? I’m getting ahead of myself. Till then, call 1-877-377-8666 or visit us at for more details about our 2011 Summer Special.

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