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Buchanan Village Court – Speeding Ticket Information

Have you been charged with speeding, passing a red-light, unsafe lane change or other traffic infraction in Buchanan, New York and want to be represented by experienced and competent attorneys at a reasonable fee? The lawyers at Tilem & Associates have handled thousands of traffic tickets in courts throughout New York State including the Buchanan Village Court. Not only can Tilem & Associates provide you with experienced representation on your speeding ticket (or any other traffic infraction), they are also affordable.

Until August 31, 2011, Tilem & Associates is offering a Summer Special price of just $195.00 for representation on any traffic ticket charging traffic infractions in any court located in Westchester County, Rockland County, Broome County and St. Lawrence County. This Summer Special $195.00 price applies to all traffic infractions except Leaving the Scene of an Incident or Driving While Ability Impaired although our fees are very reasonable for those charges as well. Terms and Conditions apply and you must read them. Also, you must mention this Summer Special $195.00 when you first call us. See the Terms and Conditions of this offer.

Keep in mind, just about any attorney can handle traffic tickets (and plenty are doing so). Being the busiest and “best” traffic court attorney has very little to do with one’s legal skills and everything to do with one’s internet marking skills. Unless you are unlucky enough to retain a total buffoon of an attorney (and there are a few out there), you will most likely get just about the same plea bargain deal no matter which attorney you hire. There is no “Johnny Cochran” roaming around traffic court.

If you received a traffic ticket returnable in the Buchanan Village Court and you feel that an attorney who charges $500 or $750 or more will get a better deal than Tilem & Associates, than certainly retain their services. If you understand that for $195, Tilem & Associates will almost certainly get you the same result as any other traffic court attorney, than feel free to contact us toll free at 1-877-377-8666 or visit their website at

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