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Greenburgh Speeding Ticket Information

The Town of Greenburgh town attorney currently prosecutes traffic tickets for the Town of Greenburgh. Typically those who plead not guilty receive a conference notice instructing them to appear on a certain date to discuss the ticket with the town attorney and the possibility of a plea bargain whereby the defendant agrees to waive his or her right to trial and plead guilty to a reduced charge. We can appear for you at this conference and attempt to negotiate a reduction for you. Most times you will not have to appear with us. For a $195.00 flat fee, we will appear on your behalf and handle the ticket in your absence. You need not miss work or school.

While we can’t guarantee a favorable outcome, and we may lose your case, we have been successful at obtaining reductions or dismissals on Greenburgh traffic infraction cases about 98% of the time.

That’s right. Our attorneys will represent you on a Greenburgh speeding ticket for just $195.00. This Summer Special $195.00 fee is good not just speeding tickets, but all New York traffic infractions except leaving the scene of an incident and Driving While Ability Impaired [VTL 1192(1)]. The Greenburgh Town Court has a fairly busy traffic calendar. Many speeding tickets are issued by the New York State Police on I287 and I 87in the Town of Greenburgh. The Westchester County Police issue speeding tickets on the Bronx River Parkway in the Town of Greenburgh. The Greenburgh Police Department enforces the traffic laws on the local streets of Greenburgh.

For $195.00, in addition to the Town of Greenburgh, our lawyers will represent you on speeding tickets or other traffic infractions issued in Westchester, Broome and Rockland counties and returnable to a local criminal court in those counties. This $195.00 fee applies only in those counties. There are some conditions and you must read our terms. This offer expires at midnight on August 31, 2011. This offer does not cover criminal charges. Read the terms. You MUST mention our “Summer Special” promotion in your FIRST contact with us to receive the $195.00 fee. Otherwise you will be charged our normal fees and we will not return the difference if you learn of the Summer Special afterwards.
Please call us toll free for more details at 1-877-377-8666 or visit us on the web at

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